The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has a comprehensive list of every care home and service in the UK. This is a good place to start when looking for a care home.
Additionally, Your Health Limited has designed an inclusive checklist that you can use when visiting any care home. Please download it for free here: Free Care Home Checklist.

Making the Right Choice

The website allows you to view the latest inspection reports for any home or care service, and has just introduced a new ‘star rating’ system that makes it easy to see, at a glance, which homes are poor (no star) average (one star), good (two stars) and excellent (three stars).

We have included links on all of our care home and domiciliary care pages, which enable you to view the latest CQC reports for our group.


Viewing a home

If you decide to go and view a home think practically about how easy is it to find, what the surroundings might be like, and what your first impressions of the home are. Please print out our care home checklist and take it with you when you view different homes; it’s a comprehensive guide to ensure you explore all aspects of the service provided.

It is also imperative that you ask for a copy of the home’s service user guide and brochure, which will be a good source of reference if you’re likely to visit several homes.


Social Service funded placements and ‘top ups’

It’s up to you which home you choose. You won’t always be required to opt for a local authority home if you are being all, or partly funded by social services. Many private homes accept social service rates, while some will ask for a small top up. This may be payable by a friend or relative.

It is your right to choose where you want to live. If you are unsure please speak to the home manager, who will be able to discuss your options with you.


Your Health Limited – For Quality Care

It is the aim of every one of our care homes to provide an environment in which our services users can feel truly safe and comfortable. The majority of our care homes have landscaped gardens, which are a great source of enjoyment and activity in the summer months, and a haven for wildlife. There is always something going on in our homes, including art classes, music and singing, enrichment sessions, and celebrations of events and individuals. Our activity programmes are a cornerstone of our holistic approach to care.

We tailor our care to meet each service user’s specific needs and wishes, ensuring best practice and research are part of our demanding quality standards. Our people are key to the care we offer, and we focus considerable resources on training our staff to deliver our exacting care standards.

Your Health Limited believes in offering the best possible care to our service users, and we have set ourselves high standards. If you’d like to see for yourself please contact one of our care homes; they’d be delighted to show you around.