We’ve made keeping in touch with your friends, family and loved ones even easier. Please use this form to contact any resident at any of our Care Homes. This service is fast and free.

Here’s how it works

After you complete the information form below, your email is sent directly to the care home and printed out. A member of our staff then delivers the email to the intended resident. If needed, the email can be read to the resident.

Some basic rules

Because we value privacy, we cannot list the names of the residents in our homes. It will be necessary for you to know the resident’s first and last name, and preferably the home where he or she lives. Because some of our residents do not have easy access to the Internet, there will be no reply to this message.

Do and Don’t s

This system is intended to convey well wishes, to let the resident know you are coming for a visit, or to remind them of an event, celebration or a physician’s appointment. Because email can be somewhat impersonal, it is our desire that it not be used to report deaths, illnesses, and other matters best done in person or by personal letter. By all means, do not let this system replace a visit whenever possible. We all love it when you stop by!

Contact a loved one

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