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The Grange and Elm Court

The Grange and Elm Court

 Welcome to The Grange and Elm Court

The Grange and Elm Court offers a range of facilities for enabling people with mental health and addiction issues to work towards recovery, in a structured, safe and supportive environment.

Its rolling countryside views create an aurora of peace and tranquility, which complements the home's nurturing atmosphere.

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About The Grange and Elm Court

The Grange is a gorgeous, traditional stone farmhouse, which provides long and medium-term care to people who may require support for a period of months, or sometimes longer. The property includes Wilson House and Skelton House, which are similarly equipped for providing long and medium-term care and support.

Elm Court comprises a series of three and four bedroom apartments. This corner of the development offers short-stay rehabilitation for periods of six-24 months, allowing individuals to re-build their skills and confidence before returning to the community.

The Grange and Elm Court also offers short-stay respite care for those experiencing a relapse who may benefit from the stability of a supportive residential setting.


Family members and friends are welcome to visit as and when they wish. Drinks and snacks are always available, and we are happy to provide meals for visitors by prior arrangement.

Home and Grounds

At The Grange and Elm Court we believe in, and strive to achieve the very best care for ALL of our residents and service users. Our home is YOUR home, and our staff members are dedicated to your care and comfort, and the promotion of wellbeing.

The Grange and Elm Court is nestled within the rolling countryside of South Yorkshire, within 30 minute of main towns and cities. It has a small, manageable garden, which residents love to use for sports and recreation, and the encouragement of wildlife. We are all involved in the upkeep of the garden.

The Grange and Elm Court is registered as a 43 bed home, with the aim of providing care and support for people aged 18 and over with mental health and addiction issues. We try to ensure that our residents live as independently as possible within the service and local community.

CQC Regulation

Your Health Limited is registered, and therefore licensed to provide services, by the Care Quality Commission (Provider ID: 1-138315 681). For more information, visit All care homes are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, which regularly inspects our premises and monitors all aspects of the services we provide. Please view our latest CQC report for more information.

My son has just moved into the Grange and Elm court. He was previously well cared for in Derbyshire, but he wanted to come back to his hometown.
He is very happy at The Grange and Elm court and he is enjoying his meals. He is given his tablets regularly and care has been taken to improve the eczema on his hands, which were very bad when he arrived. Due to regular meals, he is looking more healthy.
He is also being helped to regulate his spending habits, and this is not an easy task for the staff, but they are doing their best to help.
They are very helpful when I telephone to ask how he is progressing
. ” ~ Maureen (Mother of Resident) .

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The service we provide

The Grange and Elm Court is registered as a 42 bed home to provide care and support for people aged 18 and over with mental health and addiction issues. We try to ensure that our residents live as independently as possible within the service and local community.

The managers and staff are skilled and dedicated in delivering person-centred, supportive care that is inherently based on the core principle of recovery based practice. The individual’s choice, diversity and values are paramount, which allows their wishes, strengths and hopes to be achieved.

The service aims to provide a safe, supportive environment using evidence based practice. The aim of the recovery programme is to:

• Offer support in managing one’s own mental health by reducing distressing experiences and symptoms through understanding wellness

• Seeing one’s self as more than a service user of mental health services

• Finding and building on a sense of hope, meaning and positive sense of self

Person-Centred Care

In order to embed person-centred practice into the hearts and minds of everyone within The Grange and Elm Court our focus is upon support, commitment, development of the service and education of everyone involved. This ensures that:

• Individuals have autonomy and are fully involved, as far as possible, in all aspects of their care and support

• Positive and therapeutic relationships are promoted through effective communication, with service users and families at the focus

• The diversity of everyone involved, and the social context in which they live, is respected

• Recovery and strengths-based practice are promoted. This increases self-esteem, self managed care, hope, optimism and a sense of self worth

• The acknowledgement of experiences, knowledge and insights of service users and their families

Recovery Plan

The Grange and Elm Court uses a recovery plan that supports the individual through a journey of discovery, and regularly stops to examine where they are within that process. This helps the individual to identify key areas that need to be addressed, and the steps that must be taken.

We support people throughout this journey of change and can help with:

  •  Self-care
  •  Living skills
  •  Managing mental health
  •  Social networking
  •  Relationships
  •  Responsibilities
  •  Identity and self-esteem
  •  Addictions
  •  Trust and hope
  •  Work

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If you would like to book an appointment our home manager will be more than happy to show you around the home and discuss your requirements in more detail.