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Frequently asked questions

Q - How is my care package tailored, and who decides what happens once I am in your care home?

A - We want you to be involved, as far as possible, in the decision making process. We will only consult others if you are happy for us to do so, and this will usually be your next of kin or a close friend. Our staff are trained to ensure that your care package meets your individual needs. Your care package is regularly reviewed to ensure it is still appropriate.

Q - Who can I talk to about using your services?

A - Our home managers are available to assist with advice regarding your care, and all of the services we provide. They are happy to arrange to meet with you and give you a guided tour of the care home.

Q - How do I get advice as my needs change and I get older?

A - Our qualified staff will always be available to offer advice and assistance. We will also make arrangements for your own doctor (or any other professional you may wish to see) to visit you if you feel this is necessary.

Q - Do I have to sign a contract?

A - Yes. Our care standards require us to provide all residents (even if they are not paying all of the fees themselves) with a contract, which states the agreed weekly fee, the date from which our service commences, and the terms under which our services are provided. We will also provide you with a service user guide for our home, which gives information about our home in more detail.

Q - How do I pay my care fees?

A - We accept payment by cheque, cash or standing order. Invoices are sent out on a monthly basis to yourself or a nominated person.

Q - Am I allowed to change my mind at any time if I decide not to stay?

A - Yes. It is your choice, and we encourage ‘taster stays’ so you can get used to the home before making a decision to move in on a more permanent basis. If you do change your mind we may request that a period of notice is given to the home. There is no additional charge for this, and we will do all we can to help you with your move.

Q - I like to go out and about. Do you offer day trips or other activities?

A - All of our homes provide regular activities and days out. We also hold regular residents meetings to discuss forthcoming events, and to gather ideas for fun and interesting activities for the future.

Q - What happens to my post? Does someone open it for me?

A - All letters and packages are delivered to the relevant resident’s own room. This is done to ensure your privacy is maintained at all times.

Q - Am I allowed to have food in my room?

A - You are welcome to have your meals in the comfort of your own room.

Q - Are there visiting times or can my family visit at any time?

A - When you move into our care home it becomes your home too. Your family and friends are welcome to visit you at any time, just as they would in your own home. All that we ask is that visits made before 8am or after 8pm are arranged with us beforehand by phone, so that we can maintain the security of the home, and the comfort of the other residents.

Q - Do you have a room for relatives to stay overnight?

A - Most of our homes do not have specific ‘guest accommodation’. However, if you have visitors coming from some distance we would allow them to book a room for a number of nights – providing we have one available.

Q - Can I have get togethers for my family at the home, i.e. for my birthday?

A - Yes. We organise plenty of special parties for different types of occasions. You will be welcome to invite your own guests, and we can organise a buffet and refreshments should you require.

Q - Can I choose what I want to eat at meal times?

A - Yes. We have a wide variety of meals available, including vegan and vegetarian options and meals for specific dietary needs. All menus are displayed in advance, so you can decide at your own leisure what you would like to eat. If you fancy something different please let us know, and we will make it for you.

Q - Is there a set schedule for meals?

A - All meals will be served at agreed times throughout the day. However, our catering staff will gladly provide snacks at any time.

Q - Can I redecorate my room to suit my tastes?

A - Yes. We want you to feel at home, so you are welcome to have your room redecorated. Please note, though, that our maintenance team decorates all of our rooms on a regular basis. In order to redecorate your room, a request would need to be made in the first instance to the Home Manager. They will discuss your requirements and likely timescale in further detail.

Q - Do I have to let you know when I leave the home?

A - You are entitled to go out whenever you choose. Providing we know you are safe, and preferably accompanied by a friend or relative, there are no restrictions in place.

Q - Can you arrange transport so that I may visit a care home?

A - Yes, we can arrange for someone to pick you up. Some of our homes also have wheelchair-friendly transport. Please contact the Home Manager to discuss a suitable time and date for you to visit. We can even provide a complimentary meal if you wish.