Your Health Ltd
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Our Philosophy

Philosophy of Care

We endeavour to put the rights of our residents and their loved ones at the forefront of our philosophy of care, and strive to maintain those rights in all aspects of the services we provide.

Quality Rest and Care

Our standards are based around six recognised principles outlined by the Care Quality Commission, which are Privacy, Dignity, Independence, Choice, Rights and Fulfilment. We aim to ensure that our service users enjoy a freedom of lifestyle, while receiving excellent levels of care.

We take great pride in introducing our care homes and domiciliary care service to you. At every turn we ensure the maximum comfort, wellbeing and happiness of our service users, while special attention is paid to the importance of respect for each resident and the continuance of their personal dignity.

We recognise the intrinsic value of people, and respect all of our residents’ uniqueness and varying needs. We provide plenty of enjoyment and, even more essentially, lots of tender, loving care.

Our carers and support staff members are truly dedicated, highly motivated and committed to maintaining excellent standards of care. All of our passionate staff members are encouraged to embrace residents’ requirements to ensure maximum comfort, wellbeing and happiness.