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Paying for care

Care and Financial Assessments

If you feel that you, or a loved one may need to move into a care home in the future, or you want to know what other options are available in the first instance you should contact social services and discuss your situation with them.

They will organise a care assessment, which will examine your care needs, and a financial assessment to determine whether they are able to contribute to the cost of the care fees.


Your home would only be included in your assets if you live alone, or both you and your partner were moving to a home. However, for the first 12 weeks after admission to a home on a permanent basis, the local authority will not take into account your house as part of your assets.


If your capital is less than £12,750 in England then your local authority may pay for your care.

You will have to pay for the full costs of your care if you have more than £21,000 in England.

For every £250 you have over the lower limit, the authorities will pay £1 less.

Nursing Care and Funded Nursing Care

If you are assessed as requiring nursing care you will be eligible for Funded Nursing Care (FNC) of £101.00 per week from the local Primary Care Trust. In most cases this is paid directly to the home, so please ensure that you ask whether this is inclusive of FNC when you are given a weekly fee for a home.

The above information is based on Your Health Limited’s understanding and interpretation of the current rules. You should seek advice for information based on your own personal circumstances.